Food scraps drop off

We are glad to announce that Starting on november 2nd 2021, Rusty is starting to host the folks of Big Reuse and this Public Food scraps drop off!!!


every Tuesdays from 10:30 to noon.

And Saturday 11 amd to 1 pm.

We are also participating in Project Leaf Drop. So bring your leaves too!.

Please drop-off during these hours ONLY.

We cannot accept any food scrap donations outside of these hours.

Please remember:

NO plastics or non-biodegradable materials

REMOVE stickers from fruit and vegetable peels

take your containers back with you.

Accepted materials include:

fruit and vegetable scraps, non-greasy food scraps (rice, pasta, bread, cereal etc.), coffee grounds & filters, tea bags,

egg and nut shells, pits, cut or dried flowers, houseplants and potting soil.

we LOVE shredded paper or sawdust (keep separate!)

We do NOT accept meat (beef, chicken, fish, or any animals ) greasy food scraps, fat, oil, dairy, animal waste, used litter or bedding, clay- sand- based litter or bedding, or biodegradable/compostable plastics.

"biodegradable" bags aren't preferred, because although they'd break down in an industrial compost setting with heat, we chop food scraps manually with (dull) garden tools here...

Keep your food scraps in a brown bag in your freezer or a reusable container (juice carton, yogurt container, crock, plastic tub, etc.) We ask you that any containers you bring your scraps in be taken with you.