Rusty Wheelbarrows' Friends

A harvest from early fall 2021 just before getting the the SWMA tables

Most of the produced food goes to Woodside And Sunnyside Mutual aid !

Stacey's pantry : Organized by the generous Pastor Joe who 's let us use the land to build the farm! ---->

A map of NYC community fridges, (click to see the full map) the closest 2 (Elmurst and Jackson Heighs) reguarly recieve fresh veggies from us last summer and fall, and we will continue to do so for the foreseable future!

Top shelf of the Jackson Heighs community fridge with colorful tomatoes and leafy greens

Part of a harvest in Jackson heights community fridge

Decorative squashes and corn "saved" by WSC

fall colors at WSC

Woodside Sunnyside Composting : Where a lot of composte we've used to build up the clean soil and maintain the bed is coming from!

Finished compost with an undecomposed eggshell within which a tomato seed has germinated

Compost tomato from WSC!

Sunnyside Community Garden :

Hosts WSC and where it all started!

In 2020 some community garden members let us use thier plots to start what would become Rusty Wheelbarrow Farm!

Resistance Is FERTILE!

Our friends who got started both before us (as in in our curent location) and after us (as in sunnyside community garden )